What is Compiler

What is a Compiler?

A compiler is a program that translates the code of High Level Programming Language into Machine (Object) Code. Object code is understandable language of machine / operating system that we can run directly on computer. 

What is Compiler

When we create a program, we write the code in C, C ++, Java or any other programming language. These are all high level languages ​​that our computer cannot understand. The computer only understands 0 and 1 i.e. binary code. So if we have to run our program, we have to translate it into binary code first. This is where the compiler helps us. The compiler converts the code we write into binary code.

How Compiler Works 

The compiler compiles the entire source code together. If an error occurs in a line, the compiler does not stop there. He compiles the code ahead and shows all the errors in the program simultaneously. If an error occurs, the program is not detected. Therefore, we have to remove the error and compile it again. 

Stages of Compiler

Compilers are platform dependent. That is, if a compiler compiles the code of the source on Linux platform then that program will run only on Linux. If we want to run the program on Windows or Mac, it has to be compiled for that platform.

There are also some Cross Platform Compiler which compile the code for any other platform while on another platform.

List of Compilers

  • Intel C ++ Compiler
  • MinGW
  • Gnu fortran
  • Javac
  • LCC

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